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: 08-Apr-19 09:17

🐣EASTER CLOSURES🐣 The last session in the pool will be Wednesday 10 April 2019 and the pool will reopen on Wednesday 24 April 2019.

: 19-Mar-19 15:17

Please can all outstanding membership forms and payments be brought to the pool this Wednesday or Saturday. If you don't have a form please ask at the office. Membership fee is £15 per child and covers 1 January to 31 December. Thank you for your cooperation.

: 20-Feb-19 10:46

Just a reminder, the pool is still closed tonight, Wednesday 20 February 2019, as part of the scheduled holiday closures in line with the fee structure. Hope you are enjoying the half term break and we'll see you on Saturday 23 February 2019.

: 11-Feb-19 08:26

Chamber Swim School will be closed over half term and the last session in the pool is Wednesday 13 February 2019. We will reopen on Saturday 23 February 2019.

: 08-Feb-19 13:50

JANUARY 2019 REFUNDS Please apply to the office for refunds for January 2019. The payments received by Chamber Swim School are by Standing Order and not Direct Debit so we are unable to return them direct to your bank.

: 28-Jan-19 14:06

IMPORTANT UPDATE We have been informed that the chemical imbalance at Hulme Pool is now resolved. Therefore the pool will be OPEN again on Wednesday 30 January 2019 and Saturday 2 February 2019 for lessons. We look forward to seeing everyone. We can only apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please contact us if you have any problems. Thank you for your patience during the closure.

: 24-Jan-19 19:57

We have been informed that Hulme pool is to remain closed on Saturday 26 January 2019. The mechanical fault is repaired but OHGS have had to seek outside advice with regards to the chemical imbalance as it is still unsafe. Full refunds will be given for January 2019 fees as these are exceptional circumstances. This extended shutdown has not happened in over 10 years of using this pool. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we are as frustrated as you with the situation. Thanks Chamber Swim School

: 23-Jan-19 11:08

IMPORTANT UPDATE The Plant at Hulme School has now been repaired BUT due to the pool being emptied there is now an imbalance in the chemicals which makes the pool unsafe to use. Therefore, the pool has to remain closed today. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please contact us if you have any queries.