We have been asked by Oldham Hulme Grammar School to prepare and submit our risk assessments in preparation for a possible return to lessons in May 2021.

There is nothing definite as yet and there will be strict measures in place to protect the children and our staff.  We have listed below some of the measures we will have to put in place and ask that you consider them and talk to your child about them.  As we progress and restrictions are gradually lifted, we hope to get back to how the Swim School used to be run.

Measures that are being considered so we can re-open

  • Restricted class sizes initially to four (as advised by Swim England – ongoing monitoring of this will be taking place)
  • Fewer groups in the pool
  • Lessons reduced by five minutes to allow cleaning and exiting of the building prior to new group being allowed in
  • No pool helpers allowed in the water (as advised by Swim England – this is under review)
  • No spectators in the building
  • Children to come ‘beach ready’ (as advised by Swim England – this is standard in all pools)
  • No showers (as advised by Swim England – this is standard in all pools)
  • We are considering allowing one parent into the changing room just before the end of the session for children under 7 years of age.  This is to help quickly towel dry the child and put on a onesie or dressing gown.  Social distancing needs to be maintained (as per Swim England – standard in all pools)
  • Anyone late for their session will not be allowed in
  • Chaperone will meet children in the car park where they will be put into their groups.  They will then be taken into the building via a one-way system to quickly remove outer clothes and enter the pool.  (You will be notified which group your children are in before any start date.)
  • Due to reduced numbers allowed at the present time and the possibility of an increase in pool hire, we have no alternative but to increase fees by £2 per child.

Now is the time that we need to know if you would like to return for swimming lessons so we can assess the feasibility of reopening.  Please text or ring us on 07764 784114 with the following details by 25 April 2021.

  • Do you wish to return or not?
  • Child’s name
  • Child’s current age
  • Date and time previously attended
  • Group they were in/ name of teacher (we can check the registers if you can’t remember)

If after talking to your child you wish to wait until restrictions are reduced and we are getting back to ‘normal’ it is important you tell us so we can put you on a reserve list.  This means you will have a preferential place before new starters on the waiting list.

Any questions or worries please contact us to discuss.  We are more than happy to speak to any parents/ guardians.

Stay safe and well



All staff at Chamber Swim School